As Liberty Dies | The 2020 Election is More Dire than it Seems

When historians look back at the 2020 election, will they perhaps decide that this was the moment when liberty died in America? Not because Donald Trump lost the race but because of what the political machine did to get rid of him.

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, to say the very least, but the importance of this election isn’t about him. Neither is it about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, nor any other candidate. It is bigger than that — much bigger.

In the contested 2000 Presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore, the media likewise initially called the race for Gore. For thirty-six excruciating days the American people were inundated by an endless, 24 hour news cycle which featured recount updates and examined the validity of “hanging chads” in minute detail. Then, just as now, the media were largely populated by liberal democrats with an agenda. Unlike now, however, the entire process was transparent. The American people were shown every aspect of the legal challenges in the matter and whether they agreed with the outcome or not, they understood it. This is because the media and the political machine understood that the integrity of the system was paramount. The American people had to trust in that system and so, the system must be transparent.

In this election cycle that transparency is missing. The establishment, both left and right, don’t seem to care whether or not you believe in the integrity of our elections. The media, who are meant to be our guardians against political malfeasance, are instead complicit in it. When Donald Trump gave a presser to discuss his legal challenges, multiple networks pulled coverage after only a few seconds and told you that what the President was alleging is simply not true. The media felt entirely comfortable in silencing the President’s voice and that should frighten you. It should frighten you because if the “most powerful man in the world” can be silenced so easily, how difficult will it be to silence you?

It’s easy, in fact. You have already been silenced by social media fact-checkers and the tech monopolies that slap warning labels on your posts and delete accounts and entire platforms at will. If you’re a republican, this practice has likely left you confused, angry, and bewildered as to how we got here. Democrats should feel the same, and many do, but many more do not. Instead, they took to the streets when the media called the race for Biden to celebrate — regardless of the lack of clarity with which he is presumed to have won.

The truth is Joe Biden is problematic. In order to elect Mr. Biden, one must accept a few facts of varying concern that would ordinarily disqualify a candidate out of hand. For example, one must accept that Joe Biden appears on tape discussing a quid-pro-quo which occurred in Ukraine when he was Vice President; an admission of the very action that subjected our country to three years of investigations into Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and resulted in impeachment proceedings. One must accept that Mr. Biden may or may not have engaged in other pay-for-play schemes with his family in which foreign powers sought to purchase influence through his son, Hunter. A laptop belonging to Hunter was recently recovered which purports to show evidence of these activities. These allegations were further substantiated by a former business partner of the Biden family who came forward to blow the whistle.

Most alarming, however, is the fact that you may be unaware of this scandal. That’s because networks like CNN, MSNBC, and others refused to carry the story. They don’t care about the optics. They don’t want the facts of the case scrutinized or even made public. Instead of honesty and a plain-dealing search for the truth, you are fed an unsubstantiated narrative of Russian disinformation and told to look no further. Trust us and obey. You would have to be okay with that fact as well.

Speaking of which, Biden supporters must perform the mental gymnastics required to dismiss the very real and open censorship being conducted by big tech outfits, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and others. Dissent is an unalienable right guaranteed under the free speech protections provided by the U.S. Constitution. Dissent has been all but silenced under the weight of those aforementioned social media fact-checks and account suspensions.

There are a number of other strange leaps of faith Biden supporters must make to find his election palatable, including the accusations surrounding the way the vote counts were conducted, how thousands of ballots suddenly and inexplicably appeared and altered the race in Biden’s favor, and the “glitches” which all seemed to flow in the same direction — to the left. These are important questions, regardless of your party affiliation or for whom you voted, because they serve to throw the validity of our election process into faithless, unsure territory.

Thinking people who value their freedom and understand that our system only works when transparent cannot feel good about this election whether their candidate won or not. If Biden were duly elected, it seems the candidate would support an open and transparent recount effort. It would certainly make governing easier if the election results were not in question. Instead, we have a clearly biased media whose blatant censorship and interference saying, in essence, “trust us for the truth.” In the words of noted author, Alston Chase, “when the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power.”

America is not perfect. It never has been. However, unlike any nation before it, America sees her flaws and her people work to correct them. Those changes may be slow and painful at times — growth often is — but they come. For a people who would be free of tyranny to remain free, that people must be vigilant and guard against the smiling promises of politicians, a biased media who would obscure the truth to favor any side, and stand resolute against censorship of free speech in any form. As I said before, this election is bigger than any candidate or who wins. Its dire consequences rest in how that victory is won. Victories won in the dark are seldom fairly won.



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